The adventure begins!

After a few setbacks, we are moving forward!  We left Nashville on Sunday, August 12 and headed to Savannah.  We’ll be in Savannah for a few weeks, getting our lives in order–updating addresses, getting homeschool items, etc.

Our tickets to Mexico have been purchased.  Thanks to my Southwest Airlines points, I was able to get all four of our tickets for $134. Yay!!!

It’s all starting to feel real now. The boys are excited about what’s to come. They’ll be making a video later about their take on our experience and what they are most looking forward to on this adventure.

I keep calling it an adventure so that they see every challenge as just part of it all.  They have been so great through all of the changes and challenges leading up to now. My babies are courageous and they trust their mama. I pray that their trust in me is not misplaced. The adventure begins!


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